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CommunicationsThe Communications Sub-Committee is primarily responsible for maintaining the content of the Greater Toronto Intergroup website at and for producing the monthly newsletter, the “Better Times.” Communications is also responsible for responding to local requests for information on AA (e.g. the Press, etc.) providing information or referring these requests to the appropriate local service entity. As well, we offer assistance to the Executive and Finance Committees in producing communications for the membership in the GTA. Though much of our work is done online and via email, we do meet once a month at the Intergroup office on Eglinton. Please see the calendar for meeting dates. Volunteers are very welcome. You can email us at To Link or Not to Link? –That is the question. Do we need Guidelines for the Toronto Intergroup website? Considering an AA Website is not as simple as it seems. Unlike for-profit companies or even charities there is experience that shows that our effectiveness is diminished through activities that the rest of the world does with impunity. So we have to think differently, (we have to invert the triangle), that is why we have Traditions, Concepts, Guidelines and ultimately a “Group Conscience.” As you are probably aware, the internet is made of associations – links. How these links are managed show your relationship to other entities. Google search results will show the relationship. A sort of worse case scenario would be that we link to a “” site. They might advertise on their site (as a part of the condition for free hosting package) something about a Treatment centre. When the public searches for AA Toronto (s)he will get that treatment centre in the results as an association. This is because of OUR link, not theirs. Further, that treatment centre might endorse a medication or treatment that we might not want to show any relationship. For further reading see: AA Information Guidelines: Also, for consideration our relationship with Alanon. Thank you. Yours in Service, Communications Committee