Winter Season Open House

Winter Open HouseThe Winter Season Open House is an annual holiday tradition in Toronto, held by Toronto Intergroup since 1944 and open to all. It is a fellowship event with a strong message for all alcoholics, whether they are suffering or recovering: “no matter who you are or what day of the year it is, when you come to AA and ask for help, you are no longer alone.”

In 2018, the Open House served approximately four hundred guests. Five meetings, including two Al-Anon meetings, were conducted, music was enjoyed, and AA members served and were served by each other in the spirit of the season.

This year, the Open House will again be conducted on 25 December 2019 at College Street United Church, 452 College Street, Toronto (corner of Bathurst St. and College St. Downtown Toronto). There are plans for five meetings, a holiday-style meal, coffee and snacks, entertainment, and fellowship. The doors will tentatively be open to the public from 10:00am to 3:00pm.

If you are interested in making a contribution of any kind, email The Open House is supported by the community and needs all the support it can have. Friends and family of program members are always welcome to attend or help out.

The Winter Season Open House is around the corner: spread the message of AA and come to the event on 25 December 2019. Use the contact information above or talk to your Intergroup Representative for more information.