About Us

GTA Intergroup is the body of Alcoholics Anonymous in The Greater Toronto Area that serves as a forum for discussion and a focus for cooperation and coordination among AA groups in the GTA in carrying the message of Alcoholics Anonymous to the suffering alcoholic.

Prior to GTA Intergroup, individual groups were responsible for Twelve-Step work in hospitals, jails and facilities, and providing information to the public.

There was no local means for members to obtain information, or for the suffering alcoholic to reach out for help. GTA Intergroup helps coordinate work in facilities, provides organized collection and distribution of information, and allows the suffering alcoholic access to the help they want and desperately need through its telephone help line, and more.


Greater Toronto Area Intergroup is a coordinating body that supports the 12 step work of AA groups in the Toronto area, providing a point of contact between individual groups, our members, the public and the still suffering alcoholic.

What we do

  • Providing live telephone response for member information, and assistance to the suffering alcoholic, seven days a week.
  • Providing meeting facilities for Sub-Committees, and monthly Intergroup meetings for the groups in the GTA.
  • Maintaining and utilizing an active list of volunteers for Twelve-Step work.
  • Maintaining, publishing and distributing up-to-date meeting information, both in print and online.
  • Maintaining the central office, including rent, utilities, office equipment, management and administration staff.
  • Distribution of Conference-Approved Literature across the GTA.
  • Creating, publishing and distributing a monthly newsletter (the Better Times) on recovery in the GTA and abroad.

Where we spend

  • Sponsoring of events, including:
    • Winter Season Open House
    • Information AA Day
    • Ontario Regional Conference
  • Funding of volunteer groups to provide:
    • Twelve-Step work in Treatment and Correctional Facilities
    • Information for the public and professionals
    • Distribution of information to AA members
    • Preservation and Displays of Historical items and information
    • Assistance to members with Special Needs